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Brenda E. from Aberdeen, MD said:
July 19th, 2018
My recent visit with Dr. Bart and his team was extremely thorough, professional and comfortable. I experience anxiety when visiting the dentist, but with the happy, calm environment at Dr. Kriener’s office it disappeared.

George R. from Belcamp, MD said:
July 17th, 2018
If you want the best dental care you can get, make an appointment with Dr. Kreiner. The office is relaxing and friendly.

George G. from Bel Air, MD said:
June 8th, 2018
I am happy to be a patient of Dr. Kreiner for three main reasons: First, Dr. Kreiner is highly knowledgeable and experienced. He explains things in ways I can understand. Second, his staff is friendly and professional. Third, his charges are fair and I don’t feel like he is doing things unnecessarily in order to charge more money. AND, his dentistry is essentially pain free

Patrick S. from Fallston, MD said:
April 10th, 2018
Dr. Kreiner and his staff always make me feel comfortable going to the dentist. Everyone is always friendly. Dr. Kreiner always explains things in detail to patients so they understand what is going on in their mouth, and I don’t think many dentists do that. The technology he uses, such as his camera, helps him show you a clear picture of your teeth rather than just showing x-rays

Jessica M. from Bel Air, MD said:
April 28th, 2018
I refuse to go anywhere else. Dr. Kreiner and his staff are always friendly and professional. I have had a few instances where I needed more than a cleaning and Dr. Kreiner is great at providing analogies and simple descriptions of how he and his staff will proceed. Through my teens I was terribly self conscious of my front teeth that were a bit crooked. A couple years back, Dr.Kreiner corrected my crooked smile with veneers. 5 years later and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Kreiner and his staff

Robert F. from Abingdon, MD said:
April 16th, 2018
Dr. Bart is the BEST dentist I have the pleasure of knowing! Each and every time I have virtually the same cordial and professional experience.

Ken T. from Belcamp, MD said:
March 27th, 2018
Best dentist I’ve had.

Christine L. from Bel Air, MD said:
February 13th, 2018
I had so much tartar built up on the bottom of my teeth it was disgusting. Every other dentist I went to, was only able to get 60% of the tarter build up off. Monique, the hygienist, was able to get 98% of the tarter build up clean. My Teeth look AMAZAING!!! And Dr. Kreiner has a unique way of explaining things so you understand. Very nice people,you felt welcomed when you entered and your mouth felt amazing when you left:)

Collin P. of Bel Air, MD said:
February 10th, 2018
Best dentist in Bel Air!
Dr. Kreiner is the best dentist I have ever had. I recently had a crown put in, it was painless and wonderfully done. Dr. Kreiner patiently walked me through the process and everything that needed to happen and when the time came for the procedure everything went just as he explained. His staff is professional and very knowledgable and he uses very cutting edge technology in his procedures

Chris W. from Bel Air, MD said:
February 8th, 2018
Dr. Kreiner and his staff are the most professional, and knowledgeable group to deal with regarding dentistry. They make you feel comfortable due to the fact, that they do care about you as a patient.

Alma I. from Aberdeen, MD said:  January 5th, 2018
Very professional. Explained what I needed and why he thought it was the best option. The dental hygienist was very pleasant and explained what she was doing. The receptionist was very helpful and called to remind me of my appointment.

Michael F. from Bel Air, MD said:  January 5th, 2018
I am 61 years old and can count the the number of dentists I have been a patient of my adult life on ONE hand; actually on three fingers! I am unsure how extraordinary that fact is but if Dr. Kreiner had been the first of those three there would have been no need for the other two. He and his staff represent all one would expect and hope to find in a dental practice. If you have a choice, I would highly recommend choosing Dr. Kreiner

Dawn P. from Bel Air, MD said:  January 3rd, 2018
Dr. Bart and his staff are the best in Maryland. We had company insurance for many years and the care at the other preferred dentists was subpar. We started going to Dr. Bart about 15 years ago and he is amazing! Our oral health is great. Our whole family goes to him and we can’t recommend him any higher. They are all excellent!

Daniel W. from Fallston, MD said:  January 2nd, 2018
My First Time Visit & Initial Examination: They Were “extremely thorough”…… and my Follow Up with Dr K was super insightful.

Charlie M. from Belcamp, MD said:  December 3rd, 2017:
Always a friendly and professional staff. I’ve been a patient for over 20 years.

Rebecca F. from Bel Air, MD said:  November 11th, 2017
Dr. Bart is the best dentist! He is always very informative and helps explain what is happening and the best treatment that needs to be done. My children and I love him and all his staff!

Anna said: February 29th, 2016 3:05 pm
I originally saw Dr. Kreiner for an emergency, they immediately saw me and he took his time and helped me. I’ve been there a few times since and I’ve never felt the sense of being rushed, like I have in so many other offices. Just amazing dental care! He is so knowledgeable and extensive. The entire staff is so personable and welcoming. They make you feel like family. I would recommend Dr. Kreinder to everyone!

Tom Evans said: March 3rd, 2015 1:24 pm
I had my first appointment with Dr. Kreiner this morning. My first experience was positive, his explanations were simple so I could understand any issues. I was impressed by the Technology, I feel comfortable having Dr. Bart as my new Dentist.

Mary Kelly said: December 9th, 2013 10:35 pm
Thank you Dr. Bart for doing my bridgework and giving me a much greater smile. I may not always be the greatest patient, but I’m always grateful for the wonderful work you do, and many thanks to your wonderful team! I am very happy with my new teeth and cannot stop smiling to show them off.

Michelle said: October 23rd, 2013 7:03 pm
Dr. Bart and his staff have always been wonderful to myself and my kids. They take great care of us and take their time to explain any issues that arise. We love them!!

Sean L said: September 29th, 2013 12:36 pm
I am a new patient of Dr Kreiner. I live in the area, and always drive by his office on my way to work. On Holidays the office always stands out in the neighborhood due to all the wonderful decorations. When my tooth started to hurt, his business was the first that came to mind. When I arrived at my appointment, I was greeted by a friendly staff, the office is very informal and family friendly. A dental assistant greeted me and brought me to the back and prepped me to meet Dr Kreiner. The office is very open, you are not stuck alone in a room waiting staring at the ceiling. Dr Kreiner greeted me and discussed in length my dental and medical history, I never felt rushed. Dr Kreiner ‘s exam was very thorough. He took photos of all my teeth with his intra oral camera. I was impressed with the high tech office, and was so happy that Dr Kreiner did not use any needles or drills on my tooth. He was able to fill my cavities with a laser! During his consult with me, we reviewed every photo and x-ray, and he evaluated my whole mouth including all my existing fillings and crowns. And then he discussed a detailed treatment plan for future visits. I never felt rushed, and Dr Kreiner was happy to answer any questions I had. I was extremely impressed, and will continue seeing him for my dental needs. I recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.

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