The length of time you are numb depends on the type of anesthtic you receiwved. Be careful not to bite your cheek, lip or tongue. The numbness should wear off after a few hours.

The gauze pack should be held with genle pressure for 2 hours. Do not chew on the pack. You may check it after 2 hours and every hour on the hour after that. If you need to replace the gauze, make sure the new gauze is DAMP before you place it over the extraction site. Place and ice bag on the outside of your cheek for 10 minutes on and ten minutes off (placing the ice pack in the freezer during the off period).

A blood clot forms in the tooth socket. This is an important part of the healing process. thereford, you should avoid activities that might disturb the clot for the first 48 hours. DO NOT smoke, drink through a straw, suck in with force, blow out with force, spit, or drink anything hotter then 100*F, or do anything strenuous. Swelling the first or secnd day is normal. If swelling starts after the third day, call the office.

Bone Splinters:
Fragments of bone from the tooth socket that may work their way to the surfe of the gum as part of the normal healing process are called bone splinters.

For pain, you may use NON-ASPRIN pain reliever (Aleve, tylenol, or advil), unless you are known to be allergic to these medications.

DO NOT RINSE FOR THE FIRST 48 HOURS.  After 48 hours, rinse with 10-12 ounces of warm tap water. Do this at least 5 times a day for seven days, especially after you eat.

Oral Hygiene:
Brush and floss avoiding the area of extraction. REMEMBER NOT TO SPIT. Instead, let the tooth paste passivley drool out of your mouth. Do not use mouth wash or mouth rinse.

Nothing hotter then 100*F. Soft food is recommended. Chew on the other side for two days.  AVOID: Alchoholic beverages, nuts, popcorn, and sharp junk food ( chips, nachos, doritos, etc.)

The proper home care follwing oral surgery procedures will hasten the recovery and help prevent complications. For usual symptoms, please call the office at 410-879-1730.

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