Oral Cancer Screening

shutterstock_153165995When there is a suspicious growth or appearance to the tissue in the mouth, a biopsy will be perform to determine the origin of the lesion.

Of the thousands of people who are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, two-thirds of the cases are found at the late stages of the disease. This is largely due to the fact that there is not a great level of awareness among the public of the symptoms and signs of oral cancer.

While smoking and alcohol consumption can cause oral cancer, heavy usage of both increases the risk exponentially. Symptoms of oral cancer can include:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Problems chewing
  • Sores in and around the mouth that last longer than two weeks
  • Small lesions or lumps, pale or dark colored, in the mouth area
  • A burning or pain in the location of a tumor
  • Red or white areas on the mouth’s soft tissues

Dr. Kreiner does not just check for cavities – We have your health in mind. If you have any of the above symptoms, or any questions about something unusual in your mouth area, schedule a screening for oral cancer today.

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